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Digital Space. The Final Frontier.

Believe it. You are in it.

If you have ever dreamt of going to the moon.

If you are a fan of Luke Skywalker or StarTrek.

If you have always wanted to have the “Space” experience.

(Okay – Even if you don’t care for any of those things).

The adventure begins here. In Digital Space. On the Internet – Where you find information. Where you connect. Where you have a global audience.

And where you, as a business, can become D.L.Digitally Legal as a business.

Making You Digitally Legal.

Branding is the key to business immortality.

Michael Angelo. Albert Einstein. Leonardo Davinci. They live on today through their life work – Unique branding that has kept them in the hearts, minds…and in the sight of the world, generations or years after they were long gone. They spent their lifetime building their brand.

In our modern world, you can do it too. And you can do it maybe more strategically. Intelligently. Futuristically. All you need is Digital Space. And a Brand.

And of course – We are here to support.

Going Digitally Legal Just Got More Strategic. Intelligent. Futuristic.

Who is Victoria Thomas?

Victoria is a U.S. licensed lawyer and a member of the Washington State Bar. She is the writer of the book: D-I-Y Trademark: How to submit a trademark application without a lawyer. She is an avid blogger and featured on the Washington State Bar lawyers’ blog and Grey Magazine. She has helped clients discover unique business names or IP strategies to build distinctive brands and grow their businesses, especially in digital space.

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