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We help you to register trademarks and copyrights in the United States, Canada and internationally so that your trademark can be recognized in over 120 countries.


Your trademark gives your business or idea a unique identity.


Your copyright preserves tangible expressions that you need to maintain for a lifetime.

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Our team will serve as your guide and confidant in the business matters of preserving your brand.

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From music and theater producers to writers and non-profits, we understand the hard work you have dedicated to your brand. It should remain uniquely yours.

Let’s make it happen.

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We have had the privilege to service clients locally and internationally and are always open to new feedback.

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Experience the International World of Trademarks

From Paris to Madrid and Istanbul, trademarks are proving to be an international connector for the savvy business that has a futuristic strategy.

Use trademarks to take your vision to the globe where your brand becomes recognized in over 120 countries.

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We are an email or phone call away. We love to talk about how to make you look good with your own signature identity.

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    Obtaining a trademark for a common word is near-impossible because common words are very generic, and they cannot be exclusively trademarked by one person or entity. If one single writer is able to trademark a word that is so commonly used in the romance writing industry, it would mean that no one else can use…

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  • A Lawyer’s View on How to Become a Freelance Writer

    Everyone is doing it. So, why shouldn’t you? By ‘it’, I refer to freelance writing of digital content: Blogs. E-books. Articles. These types of content appear to be the king in today’s business world. As the space of e-commerce continues to grow and expand, more and more businesses are finding that producing their content in…

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  • How World building for Your Story Can Pass a Lawyer’s Test

    How World building for Your Story Can Pass a Lawyer’s Test

    Story writing is the power to be a creator of anything you want. Literally.  People, cities, and in fact, whole new worlds have been created through story writing. Think of movie stories like Avatar. Star Trek. John Carter. If you have seen any of these movies, you may have been awed by the sheer detail,…

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