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  • Using Trademarks to Brand Your Products

    Obtaining a trademark for a common word is near-impossible because common words are very generic, and they cannot be exclusively trademarked by one person or entity. If one single writer is able to trademark a word that is so commonly used in the romance writing industry, it would mean that no one else can use that word in their book writing careers for as long as that trademark exists, what, pray tell, would happen to the world of steamy romance writing as we know it? To give you a better idea of what I am talking about, let us revisit

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  • A Lawyer’s View on How to Become a Freelance Writer

    Everyone is doing it. So, why shouldn’t you? By ‘it’, I refer to freelance writing of digital content: Blogs. E-books. Articles. These types of content appear to be the king in today’s business world. As the space of e-commerce continues to grow and expand, more and more businesses are finding that producing their content in e-space gives them more leverage and a bigger audience than when they use traditional mediums like TV, or hard copy books, as was the case in the ‘good old days.’ If you haven’t thought about it, now is a good time to start. Consider it

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  • How World building for Your Story Can Pass a Lawyer’s Test

    How World building for Your Story Can Pass a Lawyer’s Test

    Story writing is the power to be a creator of anything you want. Literally.  People, cities, and in fact, whole new worlds have been created through story writing. Think of movie stories like Avatar. Star Trek. John Carter. If you have seen any of these movies, you may have been awed by the sheer detail, the believability, the excitement of going on an adventure with these story characters into a whole new world that you could only have imagined before. That is the key point in this blog: A whole new world that you imagined – And now, you want

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  • How to Choose Music For Your Digital Content

    How to Choose Music For Your Digital Content

    2-minute read If you are a Youtuber or create blogs, or you are an up and coming movie producer seeking to create awesome, quality content…Or you just need some honest to goodness good music for some content you are creating, you may have run into some snafus of trying to figure out which music is ‘safe’ to use without running into the music police with sirens blaring that you have just used someone’s music without permission. Using music in your Youtube or digital content or story can go a long way for quality.  While platforms like Youtube offer royalty free

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