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5 Steps to Becoming Digitally Legal On the Internet

Is this a bad time to talk about making your business stand out – and legally protected on the web?

If not, I’ll wait. You can always come back. I’m always here.

However, if this is a good time to know how to find a brand for your business, register your brand, use it to position yourself in your market – And start standing out and growing naturally…Then, let’s go.

How do you create a brand for your business? You want to start from the beginning with your business name by registering it.

When you register a business entity like a corporation, an LLC or a partnership, you are required to choose a name for it with the Secretary of State in the state you have chosen for business. For instance – Let’s say you want to call your business: Smythe and Smythe Beauty Shop.

Unfortunately, registering a business name with the Secretary of State is not good enough to build your brand. Your name may be registered as a business – But there is the potential for other businesses to use that name, especially unregistered businesses. If, for instance, any one of those businesses had been operating before you registered your business name, it is possible that they will have priority over you to keep the business name, if you ever ended up exchanging words in court over it.

Therefore, your best bet – Trademark your business name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Next! You want to build your brand with your new name. How do you do this? Advertising, marketing strategies, social media visibility, growing your network…Everyone and their pet will get to know you as Smythe and Smythe Beauty Shop – Where beauty meets talented artists….Or something like that.

The end result? You have just created a brand. Beauty, working with talent.

Imagine if your kids, or anyone of your grandkids, or even someone unrelated to you, had the privilege of being passed on that business. Imagine the fact that it could live on, many years after you, the original operator and founder, are no longer working it. And yet – You will be remembered.

That is immortality. That is what we do in this particular digital shop. That is how you become branded.

Therefore – Do you have the courage to start?

It takes 5 steps to get on the road to becoming digitally legal through this shop:

  1. Drop your email here. We never, never spam. That’s such an unclassy brand
  2. We will meet one-on-one. Find out about our Meet-Me-Online space.
  3. We create your business goals and help you generate a business name (if you don’t already have one, with legal support for trademarking or copyright, whichever that will suit your particular business).
  4. I get to work by research, by application to the USPTO or Copyright Office, by keeping in contact one on one with developments on your case.
  5. Finally – Your business name is registered, your trademark or copyright application is submitted, you are riding off into the sunset as a new, branded business, taking on the digital frontier and discovering spaces where no human has been before…

I’m ready to get started. Let’s go.

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