Introducing….Do-It-Yourself Trademark!

You and your business are unique.

You have the potential to make your work…immortal.

This is what trademarks and copyrights – or intellectual property – would do for you. When you obtain a trademark for your business name, products or services, you are telling the world: Look! This is me! It belongs to me! Exclusively! Therefore, I can create anything I want with it, and the whole world will know that these creations come from me!

You probably want that kind of story – However, the way to get there is expensive. As in – Lawyer expensive. You would probably think of the cost of hiring a lawyer for that trademark application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

However – You should not let anything stop you from publishing your uniqueness. This is why you should use this guide.

The Do-It-Yourself Trademark application guide that walks you through how to apply to the Trademark Office – Without a lawyer.*

I am a lawyer and writer who loves to see content creator businesses succeed. I am giving away free copies of the book to the first twenty requests received.

Create and build your brand. Be your own identity.

*Only U.S. applicants can apply for a trademark without a lawyer. Foreign applicants are required to obtain a lawyer.