D-I-Y Limited Liability Company Kit

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Although the product is labelled “D-I-Y”, it is designed to be a hand-holding guide that takes you through the set up of your very own Limited Liability Company (LLC). Why do you need an LLC?

  • To have a recognized business structure
  • Your business reputation is enhanced with a legal entity like a LLC
  • Protect your ass(ets) from predators
  • Reap tax benefits (Obtain detailed guidance from an accountant on how to do this with an LLC)
  • And more…

Inside this kit, you will find:

  • Step by step guidance on how to set up your LLC
  • All forms needed for setting up your own LLC
  • Links to relevant agency or government sites to complete your set up
  • And more…!

Obtain this guide at a  fraction of the cost of agency and lawyer fees.

Bonus: It was created by an Omega Sage lawyer.


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