Audible – Work and Relax

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I am a believer in enjoying what you do for work. It is a reality that many jobs are stressful and there are individuals who dread going to work in the morning based on their expectations of challenging or nerve racking tasks.

A cozy work-from-home composition!

Whether you are at a desk for your work day, or on your feet all day, I would recommend listening to something that would soothe your mood and nerves as you engage in your tasks!

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Audible is a book listening tool that enables listening to books while you work. If you have ever despaired about finding time to read that self-help book or that comedic story, here is your chance!

In all transparency, Audible is not sponsoring this shout-out – If ever they do, I will let you know! However, I just thought to give a honest feedback on what I have found to be helpful on any given day when I want to work – but listen to something in the background that is friendly, cheerful, yet non-disruptive to my getting things done.

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